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Hello, and Welcome is the digital playground of freelance creative web designer and tech entrepreneur, Kishan Kalan.

Understanding your Needs

I take a unique and understanding approach with each client to deliver goals and maximise the value created with a much broader holistic business understanding on how to execute for success.

Web Development

I believe responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how websites are built. The mobile-first age is with us and your website needs to look great on any device type.

Crafted with Passion

Freelancers like me are with you every step of the way, from concept to completion. Unlike studios we will pour 120% of our heart and soul into every project, along with sharing the years of learning and experience we’ve come by en route.

About Kishan

Hello, I'm Kishan. Thanks for taking your time to browse my personal portfolio.
I am a startup entrepreneur with an itch for creating beautiful websites.
You can see some of my digital work here.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.
Napoleon Hill, personal success author.

Kishan has been a successful startup business founder and entrepreneur for more than a decade, with the need to develop good looking custom websites for his own projects and ideas and those of clients as the common factor in sharpening his web development and creative saw.

He has been designing media for print and web since 2009. During this time he worked with a range of clients ranging from individuals to corporate companies both locally (South Africa) and internationally.

Kishan has gained valuable perspective on how good design taste positively affects the limited opportunity a user has to make a decision about trusting a website, product or service.


Years of experience and learning through interacting with customers and clients on a broad range of projects has taught me the importance of product-market-fit. My creative process is focussed on optimising the means, so that the end experience is both engaging and seamless to the end user, and simultaneously solves for the business or client’s needs.
I put a lot of value on understanding the business goals and direction, and always build towards achieving these.

The foremost reason for hiring a freelancer like me is for their specialised quality of work.
I am committed to excellence in my web development projects, and want my work to speak for itself while delivering results and exceptional value.
Because I make sure clients are 100% satisfied, new clients and new projects come in through word-of-mouth from my satisfied customer base.

I spend a lot more time researching, discovering and experimenting to produce results that deliver beyond the standard.
I approach each new project with an open process which shifts into a roadmap as I learn about each client’s needs, and how best to make things happen.



  • Websites promote you 24/7:
    No employee will do that.

    Paul Cookson, Author.
  • Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

    Charles Eames, Architect. Designer.
  • Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.
    Use it!

    Paul Rand, Graphic Designer
  • There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them. 

    Seth Godin, Marketing Guru.


I want to help you realise the full potential of your website and online profile. This is what I can do for your business.

Get in touch with me for any questions or a quote.

Web Development

I offer fully responsive world class web development. Anything from simple 4-page self promotional websites suited to artists or freelancers, to robust multi-page, multi-user corporate websites with integrated e-commerce product platforms.

Brand Design and Corporate Identity

Your corporate brand is more than just your logo. I do full service vector-based logo design and printed media like business cards, fliers and letterheads which aligns with your corporate culture.

E-Commerce Stores

Have products to sell online? Why not add to your revenue streams by offering both new and existing products to your customers through a custom e-commerce store. I prefer to create a product template so that product loading is a breeze.

Website Security

Online security is of the highest importance. I make sure all websites are SSL-Compliant and secure, being able to handle sensitive customer information. This also improved your Google search page ranking.

SEO and Analytics

A website without SEO is like running a car without fuel. I’ve helped a few companies reach first-page search position for their local target market, and can do the same for your business.


My Skillsets

I’m focussed on making your business more successful by delivering the best possible online persona your business can present.
These are the skills which can get you there:

Dynamic Web Development: WordPress and CMS


Frontend Website Look and Feel: HTML and CSS


Design: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Taking it all online: Domain Names, Servers and Hosting


Support: Backups, Updates, Changes and Upgrades


Customer Service: Building Relationships


Tech Entrepreneur: Website Relevancy, Opportunities, Process Automation


" A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away. "



Rondewash Laundry

Rondewash Laundry is a wash, dry, fold business project I was directly involved in shaping, which allowed my creative and...
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Sharon Corbett Photography

Digitising and cleaning up a hand-drawn watermark for a photographer.
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Dentist on Main

After delivering a comprehensive website with all service offerings, the high converting website alone brings in around 25% of their new...
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False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

False Bay's website was developed to showcase the groundwork the lifesaving club's officials have put in, to promote lifesaving in...
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Stars Swimming School

I wanted the website to be a tool the business could use to read into the prospective customer market segments,...
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JuicedRobot Film and Music Production

A close friend, talented muso and world-class film producer, Mark Allnutt asked me to create a simple 5 page website...
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Integrated Oral Care

A company selling dental products approached to do a website showcasing their product range. They had products but no digital...
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Lifesaving Western Province

Lifesaving Western Province is a Non-Profit Organisation who approached me to rebuild their Wix-based website.
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Pyjama Planet

Pyjama Planet is the brainchild of friend and muso Mark Allnutt. Mark writes Rock n Roll, Orchestral, and Ambient music...
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Simon’s Town Marina Company

Simon's Town Marina Company is a quaint non-profit organisation running the daily operations of the local marina. They approached me...
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Crew Building & Renovations

Crew Building & Renovations
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Guerillabear Clothing

Andrew, a design friend of mine, and I worked on refining the brand for about 6 months, before we were...
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Stars Swimming School

I worked at Stars Swimming School as a learn-to-swim instructor, and convinced the management to rebrand the business, where I created a...
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False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club had an existing logo to work with, but only on a physical letterhead, which I...
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