Having taken on a management role at Stars Swimming School, I saw an immediate problem in that the business experienced less swimmer-customers in the colder winter months, even though the facility was indoors and heated. I thought that through educating the target market on a broad scale, it would bring in more customers. I wanted the website to be a tool the business could use to read into the prospective customer market segments, through the analytics it presented. Instead, the website lead to more passive customer leads during the summer months, AND a better understanding of who was interested in learn to swim lessons during winter. The business then adjusted their offering to suit this new-found target market.

The website currently ranks in the top 3 for “swimming lessons cape town” and in it’s geographical area is top-ranked, with a low bounce-rate of just 15% of visitors leaving the site, proving it’s effectiveness and relevancy. I have optimised the site for fast page load time on both desktop and mobile, and made sure it is 100% responsive. The main focus is on converting potential customers to signup or request more information about lessons online, where the receptionist deals with all incoming queries.


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