A close friend, talented muso and world-class film producer, Mark Allnutt approached me to create a simple 5 page website showcasing his skills and offering his services in the film and music production industry. Mark knew what he wanted as a look and feel for his website, and had already commissioned a graphic designer who delivered the strong personality of his JuicedRobot character, giving life to the brand. We looked at themes which would work for his distinct corporate image, and I recommended keeping the website as simple as possible using a one-page layout. Mark had used a free online website creator to build the first version of his site, so most of the required content was largely available.

We settled on a theme which was both graphically pleasing with parallax background sliders, responsive to all device types, and simply laid out. Mark took a leading role in telling me what he wanted as a look and feel, and I let him know how best to implement his ideas for the web. I recommended he share his produced material on media sites like SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo, and have direct media feeds embedded into his site. I also setup his analytics so he has insights into where his target market is coming from, and can adjust his business offering accordingly.

I setup the site to optimise for converting users to make contact with Mark for service enquiries and quotes, which required that his professional persona be qualified through credibility, using recommendations from his recent happy customers. Lastly I implemented a website page caching system, and crunched the code to optimise for page load speed – a MUST for a positive Google site rank. Currently, I maintain his website (updates and site enhancements) and add to the site as Mark’s professional career expands. This next step is to look at optimising the website’s SEO so that it ranks highly for his niche market’s search terms.


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