Lifesaving Western Province is a Non-Profit Organisation who approached me to rebuild their Wix-based website. We had some issue with domain name transfers from a company which had gone solvent more than ten years ago, but I managed to reclaim their domain on which to base a new WordPress website. No quality digital logo was available, so I spend time tracing their existing logo in Adobe Illustrator for a cleaner, finished logo.

I worked with the executive committee in deciding the look and feel of the website to mirror the organisation’s mission, thereafter used my experience from building by own lifesaving club’s website in creatively writing the content for the site. One special request was to have a portal-type feature where all members of the organisation could download the latest results; I achieved this through bringing in an e-commerce platform where members could download results sheets as free products, without having to log in.

Currently, the website serves to showcase the work the organisation does, as well as thank existing sponsors and extend an opportunity for other corporate-based organisations to get involved with sponsorship.  The other major role the website plays is being an invaluable place of contact for prospecting new members – introducing them to lifesaving clubs best suited to their needs. As such each of the affiliated clubs has it’s own webpage showcasing and promoting their activities.


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Creative Design from Cape Town, South Africa.

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