False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club had an existing logo to work with, but only on a physical letterhead, which I quickly digitised for web. But my design eye could see many issues with the old logo, which needed to be corrected. The logo was also needed for and used for print media and team clothing branding requirements. As a lifesaving club, I needed to keep the iconic circular floating rescue device (often found on ships) the logo was based on, but the lettering and word placement was off. Fun Fact: This is the False Bay Coastline, the main feature present in the logo:


The old False Bay logo.

An interim version of the False Bay logo (not designed by me).

Instead of scanning and tracing the original logo, I decided to remake the logo through vector-art using Adobe Illustrator. Here is the black and white version:

King of the Beach inaugural (Summer 2015) logo design I did, incorporating the original False Bay logo.

Creative Design from Cape Town, South Africa.

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